Ski Trip Instant Film - Honor, Michigan

I spent a weekend with a group of good folks skiing, falling, and hanging out in a giant house in upper Michigan that'd make Tim Allen proud. I only brought my old Polaroid 600 and a few boxes of black and white Impossible Project film to capture the laughs and smiles of Pure Michigan.

Final photo of myself by: Jerry Oswalt III

Lincoln Park & Cultural Center Engagement Photos - Blair & Andy

Blair and Andy bundled-up and joined me around the Lincoln Park in the Conservatory and Nature Walk to take engagement photos. Winter can be unpredictable in Chicago, but we got lucky with big, fluffy snowflakes! We ended our session at the Chicago Cultural Center downtown. I can't wait for Blair and Andy's wedding!

Salvage One Engagement Photography - Lindsay + Doug

Lindsay + Doug are having their wedding at Salvage One next year, so it was only fitting we escaped the Chicago winter to hang out among the vintage furniture and architectural elements at Salvage One. We couple have spent the entire day exploring and making photographs. Looking forward to the wedding!

Pilsen Engagement Photography - Megan + Jon

Megan + Jon invited me to walk around their neighborhood for their engagement session. We found plenty of incredible street art and even caught the sunset from their rooftop. Can't wait for their wedding!