Photographer’s Field Trip

Chicago Wedding Photography

I spent the day exploring Chicago with some super talented photographers. When we weren’t talking fstops, we interrupted jazz concerts, hung on snow-covered roofs, and ate tacos. Pretty successful day, in my opinion. I snapped these on my iPhone.

  • Chicago-Field_Trip-001
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-002
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-003
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-004
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-005
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-006
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-007
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-008
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-009
  • Chicago-Field_Trip-010

stevescapPhotographer’s Field Trip

What I Do – Episode 1 – Tony Sansevero

Artist Homemade Haunted House Documentary Film

I’m excited to share the first episode of “What I Do” with everyone. This is a new documentary series I started with Steven Hugh Nelson and Robert Kaval. We’re setting out to tell stories about the interesting things interesting people do. In the first episode we followed around illustrator Tony Sansevero on the weeks leading up to Halloween. He’s been creating¬†a haunted house in front of his Austin, Texas home for the last 14 years.

Check out Tony’s work here.
This episode was scored by Velleitie.

stevescapWhat I Do – Episode 1 – Tony Sansevero

Hummingbird GIF

A Hummingbird Flies Away GIF Animation

A Hummingbird Flies Away GIF Animation

A GIF is worth a thousand words, or at least a thousand replays.

stevescapHummingbird GIF

Craig and the Bloomingdale Trail

Chicago Film Photographer

I journeyed with Craig to walk the Bloomingdale Trail before it was revamped into the The 606.

  • frame-002
  • frame-003

Film: Kodak Tri-x 400
Camera: Mamiya 645e
Developed in my bathroom and self-scanned.

stevescapCraig and the Bloomingdale Trail

Finding Vivian Maier

Finding Vivian Maier Austin TX

I was finally able to see “Finding Vivian Maier” a documentary about the mysterious and highly prolific street photographer Vivian Maier. After the film, I was inspired to walk around downtown Austin (plus I had an extra hour on the parking meter) and snap a few iPhone photos. enjoy!

  • Violet Crown Cinema Austin TX
  • Steve Scap Self Portrait
  • Cafe Ruckus Austin TX
  • Austin City Limits Downtown Austin TX
  • Austin City Limits Willie Nelson Austin TX
  • Austin Rocks Downtown Austin TX

stevescapFinding Vivian Maier